English Grammar


English Grammar is a self testing software that sorts chapterwise ,conceptwise questions for beginners, intermediate and expert students.

You can practice with the software unlimited number of times.



Master English language with Exam Mottled Grammar tests.

Useful for Beginners, Amateurs as well as Experts!

More than 11000 Questions and Answers . Take your tests from any Sections/chapter.



  • Take unlimited tests
  • Chapterwise/conceptwise tests
  • See the correct answers immediately or later on.
  • Take only a selected number of questions¬†
  • Take only wrongly answered questions to focus better and thus keep away those questions that you know better.
  • Get your score and preserve the answer-sheets. Look at those weak areas anytime.
  • You can select any question as very important and gather those important questions and create your test that contain only those important questions.