GATE CIVIL Engineering

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Note for updated version of syllabus please visit the authorized govt website.

Syllabus of Civil Engineering for GATE Exam
Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra; Calculus; Differential equations; Complex variables; Probability and Statistics; Numerical Methods

General Aptitude:
Verbal Ability: English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction.
Structural Engineering
Mechanics; Structural Analysis; Concrete Structures; Steel Structures
Geotechnical Engineering
Soil Mechanics; Foundation Engineering

Water Resources Engineering
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics; Hydrology; Irrigation
Environmental Engineering
Water requirements; Air Pollution; Municipal Solid Wastes; Noise Pollution;
Transportation Engineering
Highway Planning; Traffic Engineering
Importance of surveying, principles and classifications, mapping concepts, coordinate system, map projections, measurements of distance and directions, leveling, theodolite traversing, plane table surveying, errors and adjustments, curves