CAIIB Retail Banking


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A great time saving tool for the busy banker to focus on forthcoming Retail Banking CAIIB Paper.

Software runs on Windows XP/7/8/10 laptop or PC. No internet required!

Practice with this Test Software on your PC/Laptop unlimited times.

Just install the software from CD on your laptop or computer and create tests . Decide no. of questions, chapters etc and go slowly as per your speed. See the correct answers, or hide the answers .  Revise your answers with marks . Now take test that contains questions which were wrongly answered by you.

  • Create your tests for topic/concept/subject
  • Choose how many question you want
  • Choose which kind of questions (incorrectly answered/important marked by you/any random)
  • Choose your timer
  • Stop your timer if any interruption comes your way during practice.
  • Create your answersheets with marks ,time of test  ,solutions and review them
  • Based on your scores, now create tests containing only incorrectly answered questions.

Valid for 365 days from activation . Technical Support will be given for first three months. Runs on a single PC/Laptop

For syllabus of DIPLOMA in Retail Banking click here for 2017 pdf download



Note: we are giving you a download file originated from IIBF. However it might be outdated due to latest declaration. It will be better to get the details from IIBF website.

click here for the download